Jessica Caves

At 21-year-old, Jessica Caves had her whole life in front of her. That was particularly true when Jessica held her 9-month-old daughter, Olivia. But then one day, she couldn’t do that anymore when her extremities went numb and her face began to tingle. Jessica’s mother brought her to the ER at Wyoming Medical Center.

In the week that followed, Jessica underwent multiple tests. Physicians diagnosed her with Guillian-Barre syndrome. Jessica began treatments, including four MRIs and five days of IVIG treatment. Upon completion of the treatment protocol, Jessica transferred to Elkhorn Valley Rehabilitation Hospital.

For Jessica, the first week at EVRH, as well as her stay at Wyoming Medical Center, were hard to recall. She only recalls “faint memories” of these first two weeks. What she does remember, is a persistent struggle with why this happened. The symptoms appeared “out of the blue” and that bothered Jessica.

Over time, the “why” became less important as Jessica’s recovery progressed. Part of her healing involved regaining her ability to eat. When she arrived, Jessica’s facial numbness resulted in left side facial paralysis. Eating was extremely difficult. Jessica’s initial diet consisted mostly of yogurt.

Vibrant and motivated, Jessica is a beautiful person and spirit, all around. That served her rehabilitation well. Her hard work and will to recover, combined with the support of her loving family and the clinical excellence of the EVRH staff, led to incredible progress. After eight weeks, Jessica discharged home with her daughter and family.

Jessica applauded her “goofy, silly, and fun” therapists, Jessica T. and Katie B., who made it “a lot easier to connect” as a patient. She also credits her family for their support, especially her mother and daughter who visited frequently. Jessica looks forward to bonding, reading books, preparing bottles, and changing diapers — all the things a mother loves to do.


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